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Welcome to Frederick Arsenal formally known as Glade Valley Sporting Goods.

With the New gun laws that went into effect we at Glade Valley Sporting Goods decided that it was not cost effective to keep our retail business open so the decision was made to close Glade Valley Sporting Goods down as an entity and reopen as Frederick Arsenal and do what we love most and that is to Manufacture. We still can do transfers of long guns and NFA items but we no longer handle pistols at all. We can recommend someone we know and trust to handle those needs if requested.

Frederick Arsenal is a 07 FFL, class II manufacture located in Frederick, Maryland. We have been in business as a manufacture since 2000 under our old business (Glade Valley Sporting Goods). We specialize in NFA firearms of all types as well as selected title I firearms. If you are looking for an off the rack firearm, we can probably service your needs as well as any other retailer but if you require something more specific or exotic, we are definitely the purveyor of choice.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and determine what we can do for you. We are not a retail operation and do not have walk-in hours. We have by appointment shop hours for drop-off and pick-up. This allows us to concentrate on servicing our customers' needs and continuing to provide the specialized service that is the core of our business. We welcome the challenge of specialized builds, especially Eastern Bloc weapons.

On our services page, you can view the list of our most commonly requested jobs but this is by no means the extent of our capability. We have built weapons in most of the available action systems on the market. In the NFA realm, we offer suppressors and complete weapons systems as well as the ability to build SBR / SBS and AOW systems to order. We also welcome inquiries from other manufactures and dealers with specific needs. 

In the ongoing projects section, you can see some of the work currently underway in the shop. This page will provide an opportunity to follow us as we progress through the stages of some of our work. Check back often as you never know what we might be getting into.

When you have made it through the rest of our site, head over to the scrapbook page to view some of the completed jobs we have done. Please note that any redactions or blurred images are to protect the identity and privacy of our customers. We are proud of the weapons we have built and the satisfaction they bring to the customers whom own them.

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