Custom Services:
  • Design and Manufacture of Suppressors
1. Current Calibers: 22 thru .308
Building Services:

        AKM and Variants
            "Standard" AKM stamped receiver build on customer provided ORGINAL barrel completed on customer provided receiver 
            and TAPCO trigger parts kit.    $125
            "Exotic" AKM stamped receiver build  please call to discuss

    Browning 1919
            Standard 1919a4 semi build on a customer supplied orginal parts kit with karma semi auto trigger/sear assembly and
            complete Semi auto side plate (includes machining of internals, rivet set and test firing 50 rds)    $425

    Polish RPD
            Standard Polish RPD semi build on customer supplied orginal parts kit with orginal barrel completed on customer 
            supplied semi auto receiver and semi auto trigger kit    $700
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